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On this page, you will find six of the six updated SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) Videos, each including targeted commentaries for your further education and mastery.


On this page you will find the following videos:

  1. The Illumination Process (7 Levels of Healing)
    Overview highlight video of The 7 Levels of Healing Process on COVID-19 case
  2. The Reality Shift with Reframing and Anchoring
  3. The Heart Focus
  4. Group Archetypes
  5. Societal Archetypes
  6. The Transcendence Checklist

SK Video Page 1


SK Checklists and Instructions (includes How to Do SK; Current Lesson Checklist; Polarity Splits; Illumination Process; Group Archetypes Checklist; Societal Archetype Checklist8 Transcendence Checklist)

Disclosure Form (can adapt and give to clients before initial session)

1. The Illumination Process — 7 Levels of Healing (57 min)

Note: This is a longer process, but a profound one. It sometimes takes a while to do full justice to the issue at hand and complete the process.

It turned out that Jeryl Anne had COVID-19 at this time, as evidenced by her symptoms displayed on the video. This process made a big difference in her recovery she reported.

A further note: The Illumination Process can be a good one to address physical issues. It can get at the underlying mental-emotional-spiritual imbalances of an issue. It can sometimes have remarkable results, as shown in the above video, although there are no guarantees.

Also a reminder that none of the processes are meant to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment as noted in the disclaimer form above.

Below is a highlight video of the full-length process of Jery Ann working through the COVID-10 and attending issues (7:55)

2. Reality Shift with Reframing and Anchoring (33 minutes)

2. Reality Shift with Reframing and Anchoring (33 minutes)

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Steps in Reality Shift ” no=”1/2″] [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Click to drop down for instructions” no=”2/2″] Steps in the Reality Shift Process:

1. THE SETUP: Focus on bringing a metaphor or image into your awareness in the present moment in the usual way. Base it on whatever issue you are addressing. If you can’t find an metaphor/image, think of your issue as a “landscape.” Use your feelings to help you find the “reality” you want to shift.

2. THE EVALUATION: When you have brought the image up to its full intensity (or whatever intensity feels comfortable), measure its strength between one and ten.


4. THE RE-EVALUATION: When you have completed reframing and anchoring, take a nice deep breath, focus on the image/landscape or issue again and notice how you feel now. Evaluate it again between one and ten, noting any difference in your experience.

If some intensity remains, evaluate the emotion again to notice if it has changed (such as from fear to anger, and so on) and repeat the process. If you are using a landscape, notice how it changes as demonstrated in the video.

5. THE ‘SHIFT’: When the intensity of the issue is down close to zero, connect with your heartfelt joy and ask what the next step is in relation to your reality shift goal and for any other thoughts that emerge with the clearing, recognizing that when the issue is released, the soul’s wisdom emerges.

This may be all you need to shift your reality, or at least head in the right direction. If not, in this resourceful state, do some more rounds of the process and see how your reality shifts. Consider any follow-up strategies and actions to take.

Additional Thoughts:
Your mind creates images, metaphors and landscapes that shape your reality. That creates a hologram — a 3 dimensional living pattern — that holds feelings, thoughts and parts of your identity. The Reality Shift with EFT can transform the hologram, so you are more aligned with your soul, life purpose and heartfelt desires. /[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]


3. The Heart Focus (29 minutes)

Heart Focus written description

4. Group Archetypes (28 minutes)

5. Societal Archetypes (32 minutes)

6. Transcendence Checklist (28 minutes)

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