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Spiritual Kinesiology Overview

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Unique exclusive practical spiritual healing course with Energy Healing Experts and Holistic Coaches Phillip and Jane Mountrose.

OFFERED SINCE 2004 – gain from more than 25 years of in-depth experience.

SK powerfully helps you heal with your soul, your most profound guide.

Spiritual Kinesiology (SK) is more than a premier healing technique — it’s the essence of spiritual growth. By contacting and healing through your soul, a person grows spiritually, in leaps and bounds.

We were fortunate to discover and refine this elegant technique. Though easy to learn and apply, Spiritual Kinesiology produces profound shifts, often quite quickly.

SK uses healing from the soul, plus muscle testing. You can use SK without muscle testing and get outstanding results as well. The home-study course teaches you both the “reframing and anchoring” with your soul, plus muscle testing.

Just studying the muscle testing checklists that come with the course is valuable in itself, as it will give you a profound framework for healing and growth. Plus you have practical tools (the checklists) to use.

As a note, this course does complement other modalities like EFT as well.

In fact, many people who learn Spiritual Kinesiology prefer it to EFT because of its depth and ease of use. We think you’ll find it an indispensable tool to use in a wide variety of ways. Can you see how this could make a big difference in your results?

With knowing how to do SK (Spiritual Kinesiology), you can…

* Get consistent results on a wide variety of issues with deep insights

* Have unshakable confidence because of the results you can produce, creating sometimes miraculous changes in people’s lives – and your own…

* Enhance and increase your effectiveness in complementary techniques (like EFT) you already know – and take them to another level

* Make a significant difference in those you help and the world

*  Open to more possibilities to create a joyful and fulfilling life and much more…

“This course has taught me that I can use the soul’s perfect energy to heal many different issues. It’s fast acting and very effective. Not only does the soul clear the issue you are focusing on, but what’s more, it clears other related issues. Overall the techniques allowed me to find blocks in my spiritual advancement. I really enjoyed working the soul, both mine and my clients.”

–Jackie Lefebvre Holistic Practitioner, Ontario, Canada

Top 5 Reasons to Learn Spiritual Kinesiology

Spiritual Kinesiology is a step-by-step, specialized training. It can be applied to many areas.

There are many reasons to learn Spiritual Kinesiology to become part of your lifelong tool box. Here are a few…

1. Learn a versatile, highly effective energy tool, as powerful as EFT, which is also used as a resource in this course

2. Connect deeply with your soul/inner wisdom for healing and direction

3. Be able to help yourself and others significantly more

4. Gain clarity, confidence and competence by being certified through Awakenings Institute

5. Make a quantum leap in being able to know and follow your guidance, and show others how to do it

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