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Bonus Videos For the SK Certification Course

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Here are some additional SK related videos connected with the transformational ideas presented in Getting Thru to Your Soul.

On this page, you will find four videos. The first two demonstrate the use of Reframing and Anchoring, the main clearing technique we use with Spiritual Kinesiology. This key demonstration video is also shown on Video Page 1.

The first video is a great place to start.  You will see Phillip Mountrose demonstrating how to use SK on yourself. Once you learn this fast and easy process, you  can instruct clients to follow the steps on themselves, too.

Videos Three and Four provide additional information on tapping into the heart of success.

VIDEO 1: How to Do the Spiritual Kinesiology Reframing and Anchoring Process

The R&A (Reframing and Anchoring) Process is drawn from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

R&A accesses our most powerful resource for healing, the energy of the soul. For EFT users, R&A is wonderful alternative to EFT. It is equally fast and effective and many people prefer it. It also has the added advantage of creating direct access to the soul’s guidance, which puts the healing process into a broader perspective.

On this first video, Phillip demonstrates how to do the SK Reframing and Anchoring Process on yourself. You can start to experiment with it right away. If you know EFT, R&A should come easily to you. Just follow the same steps of identifying the problem, quantifying it, clearing, evaluating and, if necessary, repeating.

VIDEO 2: The Miracle Reframe with R&A

This second example combines R&A with our original Miracle Reframe process, which is equally powerful and enlightening when done with EFT or R&A. Here Phillip demonstrates using R&A with a client.

Because of the height of its vibration, the Miracle Reframe seems to break through huge barriers with ease. We have also found it to be surprisingly effective with physical challenges.


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