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SK Original Video 1: Spiritual Kinesiology & the Basic Techniques

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There are 2 videos on this page. The first is a short video (8 minutes) of how to do reframing and anchoring (R&A) on yourself. The second is a longer video (55 minutes) with many relevant techniques, which are described and shown on the video.

How to Do the Spiritual Kinesiology Reframing and Anchoring Process Video

The R&A (Reframing and Anchoring) Process is drawn from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

R&A accesses our most powerful resource for healing, the energy of the soul. For EFT users, R&A is wonderful alternative to EFT. It is equally fast and effective and many people prefer it. It also has the added advantage of creating direct access to the soul’s guidance, which puts the healing process into a broader perspective.

On this first video, Phillip demonstrates how to do the SK Reframing and Anchoring Process on yourself. You can start to experiment with it right away. If you know EFT, R&A should come easily to you. Just follow the same steps of identifying the problem, quantifying it, clearing, evaluating and, if necessary, repeating.

Spiritual Kinesiology (SK) & The Basic Techniques Video

This video contains:

    • An overview of Spiritual Kinesiology
    • The SK Reframing and Anchoring Techniques
  • The Soul Centering Process
  • The SK Finger Rolling Technique
  • How to do Kinesiology with two people or alone
  • SK and the Current Lessons Checklist

Demonstration of The Current Lesson Checklist

Below is a great all-purpose checklist. We’ve seen that each of us is in the process of learning specific lessons that will open us more to our full potential. This handy checklist we created can identify where any issue you are currently addressing is creating blockages, so that you can release the imbalances with the R&A Process.

Here is an example using The Current Lesson Checklist:

Below is the Current Lesson Checklist, which you can also find in your Getting Thru to Your Soul book and this PDF Handout (click on this link to download).


If you want to know where there are imbalances in your energy system, use this statement: “Focus on ________ (select an item from the following lists).”

Example: “Focus on physical survival.”

If you have an issue that you want to clear, use the following statement: Focus on _________ (describe the issue) in relation to _________ (select an item from the following lists).”

Example: If you want to clear any imbalances related to a weight issue, the first statement would be: “Focus on your weight in relation to physical survival.”

“Focus on physical survival.” _____ _____
“Focus on emotions.” _____ _____
“Focus on sexuality.” _____ _____
“Focus on your power in the world.” _____ _____
“Focus on unconditional love.” _____ _____
“Focus on communication.” _____ _____
“Focus on creativity.” _____ _____
“Focus on your inner vision.” _____ _____
“Focus on your inner knowing.” _____ _____
“Focus on wholeness and unity.” _____ _____
“Focus on reaching out in your life.” _____ _____
“Focus on moving forward in your life.” _____ _____
“Focus on feeling grounded and present in your life.” _____ _____
“Focus on your receptive, feminine side.” _____ _____
“Focus on your active, masculine side.” _____ _____

Where your energy system is in balance, the muscle response is strong. Where there is a blockage, the muscle response is weak.

You can use the Current Lesson Checklist any time to locate general blockages or to pinpoint the origin of a specific issue. It works with anything (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) by bringing more awareness to the exact nature of the issue.

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