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EFT and GTT (Getting Thru Techniques) Audios

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EFT Two CD Audio SetOn this page, you can enjoy the audios from the Two CD Audio Set.  They also are on the Holistic EFT Level 1 flashdrive if you ordered the hard-copy version of this program. These audios are great for self healing. Find a quiet place where you can relax and enjoy.

To download audios, right click on down-pointing gray arrow.

Holistic EFT -10 minutes

How to Do Holistic EFT  — 10 minutes (right click to play)

For the audios below, to download them right click on the down-pointing arrow.

The Holistic Process -23 minutes

The Holistic Process

The Unification Process –23 minutes

The Unification Process

The Breakthru Process –24 minutes

The Breakthru Process

The Reframing Process — 10 minutes

The Reframing Process

The Inner Healer Process — 11 minutes

The Inner Healer Process

Home Page Resources & Bonuses


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