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You will find on this page some very valuable EFT Resources and  Bonuses

RESOURCES on this page:

  1. Finding people to practice with
  2. Positive EFT Affirmations
  3. Disclosure Form Sample
  4. Fit for Success with EFT audio (preview of EFT Level 2 Course)

BONUSES on this page:

  1. Being Therapeutic Special Report
  2. EFT Insights Interviews with Steve Wells and Brad Yates
  3. How to Do EFT: Handout for clients and those you practice on

PLUS how to go forward with further training and earning more income (see bottom of the page)…

Valuable Resources for Your EFT Course and Practice

RESOURCE 1: Need help finding people to practice with?
to read tips on finding people to practice with…

RESOURCE 2: Want to learn how to add positive affirmations to EFT?
CLICK HERE for the process.

RESOURCE 3: This is a sample disclosure form to give clients before starting to work with them (adapt for your purposes).
CLICK HERE for the sample Disclosure Form.

RESOURCE 4: Fit for Success with EFT audio (Preview of Level 2 EFT Certification Course)

Notes: Right-click the following links and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” to download the file to your computer. Each class is approximately 65-75 minutes.

Fit for Success with EFT Audio Class 1

[audioplayer file= “”]

Topics: Coaching Matrix, Keys to Vibrant Living, EFT and the Miracle Reframe
Manual: Section XIX
Resource: See your Level 2 Videos Page for demos of Reality Shift and Miracle Reframe with EFT Processes

Learn more about the Level 2 Holistic EFT Home-Study Certification.

On Being TherapeuticYOUR BONUSES

BONUS 1: On Being Therapeutic Special Report

To create successful therapeutic relationships, you can cultivate certain qualities while avoiding others. Learn the “bedside manner” you need to optimize your effectiveness and the “toxic subpersonalities” to avoid.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article also includes a copy of the Information (Disclosure) Form we use with new clients. We highly recommend adapting it to describe your services and to comply with all local regulations that apply to your professional practice.

CLICK HERE to access the On Being Therapeutic PDF. Left click to open and right click to download and “save target as” or “save link as”.

BONUS 2: EFT Insights Interviews with experts Steve Wells and Brad Yates
On down-pointing arrow, right click to “save link as” or “save target as.”

Steve Wells Interview — includes his continuous tapping SET (Simple Energy Techniques).

Steve Wells Interview 

PDF Download of Steve Wells SET Process.

Brad Yates Interview with his great sense of humor and EFT phrasing.

Brad Yates Interview

BONUS 3: How to Do EFT — The Basic Recipe Handout

If you need to show you client or person you practice with the basics, you can use this client. CLICK HERE to download the handout.

Going Forward… The Next Level

We have three options on how you can go forward, as part of your ongoing success and lifelong learning:

1. Level 2 Holistic EFT Online Certification Course

The Awakenings Level 2 Holistic EFT Online Certification starts where Level 1 left off.

Learn more about the Level 2 Holistic EFT Home-Study Certification.

2. Spiritual Kinesiology Online Certification Course

Learn Spiritual Kinesiology,  a healing system as powerful as EFT.

3. Holistic Coaching and Healing Online Certification Program

Gain deep knowledge and tools with regular support from this unique, popular program. Find out more about combining coaching and healing for greater mastery.


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