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Level 2 EFT Videos

 This Video Resource Page is for Level 2 EFT Online Certification Students Only.


Enjoy the following videos (6-14 minutes each):

  1. Miracle Reframe with EFT
  2. Reality Shift with EFT
  3. How to Be Fit for Success
  4. Spiritual Kinesiology Demos: Reframing and Anchoring and Musce Testing
  5. Reframing and Anchoring on Yourself

As you watch these videos, note the words and phrases used to help the client. Also notice how transitions are made from one step of a process to the next. The purpose of doing these processes is to help the clients to come to their own understanding, not to give unsolicited advice. The time for coaching a client on the way forward is generally after the process.

1. Miracle Reframe with EFT:
Money and Relationships

2. Reality Shift with EFT

Steps in the Reality Shift Process:

1. THE SETUP: Focus on bringing a metaphor or image into your awareness in the present moment in the usual way. Base it on whatever issue you are addressing. If you can’t find an metaphor/image, think of your issue as a “landscape.” Use your feelings to help you find the “reality” you want to shift.

2. THE EVALUATION: When you have brought the image  up to its full intensity (or whatever intensity feels comfortable), measure its strength between one and ten.

3. THE AFFIRMATION: While rubbing the “Sore Spot” on the chest or tapping the karate spot on the heel of the hand, repeat the following affirmation three times:

“Even though I have this ____________, I know my reality can shift.”

Fill in the blank with the landscape or metaphor (such as ’empty desert’ or ‘deserted street’ ). You can also tap on the emotion associated with the metaphor/image/landscape..

4. THE TAPPING SEQUENCE: Follow the normal tapping sequence, while repeating the following reminder phrase once at each point: Tap by saying “this reality” or this______[name image/metaphor/landscape].

5. THE RE-EVALUATION: When you have completed the tapping sequence, take a nice deep breath, focus on the image/landscape or issue again and notice how you feel now.

Evaluate it again between one and ten, noting any difference in your experience. If some intensity remains, evaluate the emotion again to notice if it has changed (such as from fear to anger, and so on) and repeat the process. If you are using a landscape, notice how it changes as demonstrated in the video.

6. THE ‘SHIFT’: When the intensity of the issue is down close to zero, connect with your heartfelt joy and ask what the next step is in relation to your reality shift goal and for any other thoughts that emerge with the clearing, recognizing that when the issue is released, the soul’s wisdom emerges.

This may be all you need to shift your reality, or at least head in the right direction. If not, in this resourceful state, do some more rounds of the process and see how your reality shifts. Consider any follow-up strategies and actions to take.

3. How to Be Fit for Success

4. Spiritual Kinesiology Demos: Reframing and Anchoring and Muscle Testing

4. Reframing and Anchoring on Yourself

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